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DBT Online

by Marsha Linehan & her team of expertsDBT
Build your range of clinical strategies
& interventions
Comprehensive online training in DBT
Are you a mental health professional seeking to implement a DBT program and learn the core principles and strategies of DBT? The goal of the DBT Comprehensive Online program is to enable you to establish an effective DBT practice so you are prepared to treat patients with challenging and difficult-to-treat behaviors.Key Features/Benefits:
  • Comprehensive training prepares you to work with complex, multi-diagnostic clients
  • Expert faculty & consultation
  • Satisfies key criteria needed for DBT - LBC certification
Three learning pathways to becoming a DBT therapist
DBT Newton's Cradle
We’re committed to bringing you the very best in Dialectical Behavior Therapy online training
Marsha LinehanMarsha LinehanPhD, ABPP
Tony DuBoseTony DuBosePsyD
Vibh ForsytheVibh ForsythePhD
Alec MillerAlec MillerPsyD
Jill RathusJill RathusPhD
Randy WolbertRandy WolbertLMSW, CAADC, CCS
André IvanoffAndré IvanoffPhD
Emily CooneyEmily CooneyPhD
Sara SchmidtSara SchmidtPhD
Dan FinneganDan FinneganLICSW
Jennifer SayrsJennifer SayrsPhD
Adam CarmelAdam CarmelPhD
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