DBT Skills for Adolescents and Families

Join Marsha Linehan, Alec Miller and Jill Rathus and learn how to adapt and practically apply DBT Skills with adolescents and their families.

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13 August 2024
12 hours | 6 weeks
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For Mental Health Professionals
12 CE / CME Credits
DBT Skills for Adolescents and Families
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DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents
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Course Goals

  • Gain knowledge of how to lead a DBT skills training program in your clinical practice.
  • Master the art of teaching the 5 DBT skills modules adapted for adolescents and families, including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and walking the middle path skills.
  • Learn the roles and functions of the DBT skills trainer in a multi-family group, a single-family session, an individual session, or a crisis coaching interaction.
  • Understand the distinct roles of the DBT skills group leader and co-leader, how to manage therapy-interfering behaviors that occur during skills training, and how to conduct a graduation ceremony for teens and families who complete their skills course.
  • Learn about the developmental considerations in applying DBT to adolescents, and learn how to approach the unique challenges of implementing DBT skills with teens and families.
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