DBT Skills for Adolescents and Families

DBT Skills for Adolescents and Families


Learn from the treatment developers how to effectively teach the adapted Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills to a broad range of adolescents and families. Drs. Miller, Rathus & Linehan, have created an interactive and engaging course to help you learn and strengthen the clinical application of DBT skills to this population. You will gain an understanding of how to orient teens and families to DBT skills training, along with how to teach the 5 DBT Skills including Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and the teen-family-specific module, Walking the Middle Path.

These master clinicians provide demonstrations and didactics on both the basics and the nuances of engaging and teaching DBT skills to teens and families in various formats, including multi-family skills groups, individual sessions, family skills sessions, parent sessions, and crisis coaching.

Explore methods to integrate DBT Skills for teens and families into your practice and obtain feedback from the treatment developers by using our interactive online platform.

This course is approved for 12 CE hours. Prior to registering pleasevisit the FAQto review CE/CME details, course objectives, speaker/planner conflict of interest disclosures and more.

Course Goals
  • Gain knowledge of how to lead a DBT skills training program in your clinical practice.
  • Master the art of teaching the 5 DBT skills modules adapted for adolescents and families, including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and walking the middle path skills.
  • Learn the roles and functions of the DBT skills trainer in a multi-family group, a single-family session, an individual session, or a crisis coaching interaction.
  • Understand the distinct roles of the DBT skills group leader and co-leader, how to manage therapy-interfering behaviors that occur during skills training, and how to conduct a graduation ceremony for teens and families who complete their skills course.
  • Learn about the developmental considerations in applying DBT to adolescents, and learn how to approach the unique challenges of implementing DBT skills with teens and families.

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Course Modules
Week 1 - Intro and Orientation
Week 2 – Skills Overview; Teaching Mindfulness
Week 3 – Teaching Distress Tolerance
Week 4 – Teaching How to Walk the Middle Path
Week 5 – Teaching Emotion Regulation
Week 6 – Teaching Interpersonal Effectiveness & Skills Graduation Ceremony: Marking the Completion of the Skills Course