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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Best practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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A picture of a triangle showing the relationship between emotions, behaviors and cognitions

Learn how to form and maintain a compassionate therapeutic relationship with your clients for optimal outcomes. Discover how to move through difficult moments and stuck points in therapy and ways of working with emotional aspects of the therapeutic relationship.

Expand your therapeutic 'toolbox' of best practice interventions to include Mindfulness and Acceptance skills, Compassion Focused techniques, and Emotion Regulation strategies.

Learn about working actively with emotion to enrich therapy and broaden the impact of your therapeutic practice. Expand your repertoire of best practice CBT skills, including experiential techniques that are grounded in evidence and how to work with emotional regulation issues in a range of clinical presentations.

A smiling professional female with arms folded in front of a backdrop of muted blue and purple triangles and blobs

Best practice CBT allows you to make CBT 'your own'. Learn how to creatively apply evidence-based interventions that work on the underlying processes that create distress and issues. Discover how, when and why to apply a cognitive, behavioral or emotion focused approach with your clients.

Develop a deeper understanding and adopt a best practice approach to your CBT. Learn how to design, choose and adapt your interventions and therapeutic approach in a caring and culturally sensitive way with diverse populations.

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