CBT for Trauma

Learn the essentials of trauma treatment in this immersive six-week online course.

About the course

Start date
10 September 2024
12hrs | 6 weeks
Who this course is for
For Mental Health Professionals
12 CE / CME

Working with trauma can be challenging for even the most experienced clinicians. Join globally-renowned CBT experts Barbara Rothbaum (co-creator of Prolonged Exposure), Debra Kaysen (Cognitive Processing Therapy expert) and David Tolin (bestselling author of Doing CBT) as they guide you through the fundamentals of delivering compassionate trauma treatment using best practice CBT.

Not only will you build confidence and gain important therapeutic skills to handle difficult client presentations sensitively and effectively, you’ll also discover how to use cognitive approaches and exposure therapies either independently or together to suit the individual needs of your clients.

Week-by-week you’ll learn how to compassionately approach assessment, manage distressing symptoms, deliver therapy with warmth and authenticity, and take care of yourself while taking care of your clients. Gain trust in your abilities learning from leaders in the field as they make learning memorable and inspiring. You’ll also enjoy thought-provoking interviews and therapy demonstrations packed with moments of revelation and insight.

It’s a comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable learning experience that provides you with the building blocks and essential skills to treat trauma.

We're happy to help if you can't attend the current intake. Please contact our customer service once your enrollment is finalized, and we can enroll you in the intake of your choice.

Course intake dates:

  • 12-Nov-2024

Course Goals

  • Understand the difference between trauma, PTSD and complex PTSD

  • Learn the main elements of CBT treatment for trauma

  • Understand cognitive approaches and exposure therapies for PTSD

  • Gain important therapeutic skills for working with trauma clients

  • Identify connections between trauma-related thoughts, emotions and behaviors

  • Reduce trauma symptoms including disassociation, fear, nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive memories, emotional distress and more

  • Learn strategies to handle difficult moments in therapy with confidence

  • Work through crises/suicidal ideation

  • Understand the importance of self-care for therapists

Please see our FAQ to review complete CE/CME details, course objectives, speaker/planner conflict of interest disclosure and more.

CBT for Trauma
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