CBT for Depression

Learn best practice CBT to help your clients overcome depression.

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12 hrs | Self-directed
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For Mental Health Professionals
12 CE | CME credits

Join world-leading experts Keith Dobson (luminary in CBT and depression), Josephine Ridley (master trainer and clinician) and David Tolin (bestselling author of Doing CBT) as they guide you through this thoroughly enjoyable online course in how to apply best practice CBT for depression. 

You’ll learn how to compassionately treat depression using highly effective cognitive and behavioral interventions either independently or together, as well as ‘third wave’ strategies embracing compassion, mindfulness, acceptance and emotion. 

Along the way you’ll discover how to identify and assist your clients to become more flexible with unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, and encourage them to engage in enjoyable and rewarding activities with easy-to-learn interventions and experiential techniques.

Step-by-step you’ll learn how to move through difficult moments and stuck points in therapy, and help clients take action to move forward into a life they find truly worthwhile. 

You’ll also experience sensitively-applied therapy demonstrations with diverse populations and gain confidence to work with a range of behaviors, beliefs and emotions that can present as part of depression such as substance use, lack of self-worth and anger.

Whether you’re brand new to CBT or a seasoned clinician, you’ll gain new insights, practical skills and strategies from world-renowned experts in this absorbing online course.

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Course goals

  • Understand the CBT approach to depression
  • Identify depressive symptoms and explore why they are there
  • Treat problems by targeting the cognitive, behavioral and emotional aspects of a person’s suffering
  • Learn practical strategies to deliver CBT techniques for depression
  • Understand the range of depressive symptoms and risk factors for depression
  • Build trust with clients to establish a therapeutic alliance
  • Overcome difficult moments in therapy sessions
  • Navigate conversations about medication
  • Gain confidence using CBT for depression
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Three Course Bundle
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