Trauma-Focused ACT Course Review

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Samantha Hannah​Life Coach and Yoga/Mindfulness teacher​ - Wellington, New Zealand
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As a yoga + mindfulness teacher and transformational coach, I had been looking for something to further my learning in the area of psychology. It wanted it to compliment the mindfulness work that I do with teens + their carers. I have written NZQA wellbeing programs for NZ high schools that help teens cope with change, deal with stress, create meaningful, values based goals and so much more. I wrote all of the course before discovering what ACT was... and I can't believe how complimentary ACT is to the work I do. I'm absolutely thrilled to have discovered you and your course, Russ. Thanks for making an online option. This ACT training will deepen the work I do with teens and their carers (which includes teachers, parents and care givers). Thank you for presenting the material in an entertaining, interesting way too. I could study at my own pace and implement my newfound exercises + strategies each week. I loved it!

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