ACT for Grief and Loss

This four week practical course shows you how to apply ACT to all aspects of grief and loss.

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Start date
25 June 2024
8 hrs | 4 weeks
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Health & Mental Health Professionals
ACT for Grief and Loss
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What you'll learn

Course Goals

  • Help clients cope with intense emotional pain, through grounding, acceptance and self-compassion
  • Work flexibly with all aspects of complicated grief
  • Understand complicated grief primarily in terms of cognitive fusion and experiential avoidance
  • Help in each stage of normative grieving
  • Create hope and optimism in the face of devastating loss
  • Sensitively to facilitate grieving, without turning it into a clinical issue
  • Develop self-compassion step-by-step in just about anyone
  • Overcome guilt and shame, and practice self-forgiveness
  • Develop and use healing imagery
  • Cope with the aftermath of suicide
  • Create grief rituals
  • Handle suicidality in complicated grief
  • Apply mindfulness and defusion as antidotes to worrying, rumination, hopelessness and catastrophising
  • Rebuild life after loss, and experience growth, using values and self-compassion
  • Revitalize and appreciate life after loss
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