ACT for Perfectionism and People Pleasing

This advanced level, six-week practical course, takes you step-by-step through the effective treatment of unhelpful perfectionism and unhealthy people-pleasing

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Start date
25 June 2024
12 Hours | 6 weeks
Who this course is for
Health & Mental Health Professionals
12 CE | CME credits
ACT for Perfectionism and People Pleasing
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Course starts June 25
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What you'll learn

Course Goals

  • Hone your ACT skills and learn specific methods for working with perfectionism and people-pleasing. 
  • Learn how to overcome common sticking points – such as the fact that clients often gain big benefits from these behaviours, and therefore are reluctant or conflicted about stopping them.  
  • Discover the fundamental importance of self-compassion, and how to develop it one small step at a time - with a special focus on overcoming common client barriers.
  • Feel confident weaving materials and resources efficiently into your sessions to teach your clients essential skills
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