This advanced level, four-week course covers practical tools, techniques, strategies and principles for working with every aspect of ADHD.

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12hrs | 4 weeks
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For Health & Mental Health Professionals
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What you'll learn

Course Goals

  • Hone your ACT skills and learn specific methods for working with ADHD
  • Learn how to use ACT to scaffold executive functioning in seven main areas: working memory, impulse control, attention control, planning & organisation, emotion regulation, cognitive flexibility, task initiation & completion
  • Adapt and individualise mindfulness interventions to suit the needs of clients who find it hard or impossible to visualise, sit still, or meditate
  • Learn how to effectively address and interrupt therapy-interfering behaviours
  • Learn how to keep clients focused and on-task when their attention keeps wandering
  • Learn how to work with clients who have dual or triple diagnoses (e.g. ASD and ADHD)

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