AMSR for Direct Care Staff in Outpatient Settings

A short course for clinical staff to develop an understanding of assessment and management of suicide risk, and the delivery of effective suicide-specific interventions. 

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Direct Care Staff in Outpatient Settings

AMSR for Direct Care Staff in Outpatient Settings is the companion for the AMSR course and is for non-clinical staff who work as part of the care team with individuals at risk for suicide, when the outpatient system or clinical provider is using the AMSR risk formulation. 

Being familiar with the AMSR approach and the risk formulation will give direct care staff the understanding and skills needed to assist in the care patients who are at risk for suicide. The staff in these roles, such as case managers, care navigators, mental health technicians, patient support staff, recovery coaches, peer specialists and licensed practical nurses need to know the care plan and risk level so they can support the patient and the clinical team.

This online course will help non clinical staff develop an understanding of assessment, and management of suicide risk and the delivery of effective suicide-specific interventions. Learn how to help identify and support individuals with suicide risk by using the suicide risk identification, assessment, and management competencies. This course will ensure treatment teams of clinicians and direct care staff can speak the same risk assessment and management language to provide consistent, effective care organization wide.

The learning experience has been purposefully created to be highly practical. It includes short, simple and easy to absorb lessons, optional dig deeper content and a digital library with additional resources you can access at any time. With 3 hours of course content, to be completed within three months, at a time that is convenient, direct care staff will understand care plans and risk levels to be better able to support patients in care. Enroll now to build your toolkit to care for people at risk of suicide.

Course Goals

·      Manage your own reactions to suicide

·      Demonstrate compassion for those at risk for suicide and develop a shared perspective

·      Ask directly about suicide

·      Describe the risk formulation including risk status and risk state

·      Use observational skills to detect changes in a patient’s risk state

·      Document and verbally report changes in a patient’s risk state according to the AMSR model

·      Work as part of the team for safety and treatment planning

AMSR for Direct Care Staff in Outpatient Settings
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