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Emotionally Focused Therapy

Attachment science in practice

Sue Johnson, the founder of emotionally focused therapy.

Learn online with the founder and leading trainers of Emotionally focused Therapy

EFT: Attachment Science in Practice

Mental Health Practitioners
Starts 6 Aug
16 hrs | 6 weeks
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Course starts August 6

Join Sue Johnson and select EFT trainers to learn the foundations of EFT and how to integrate Attachment science into your clinical practice sessions for individuals, couples, and families.

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Course starts August 6
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Attachment Science and Emotionally Focused Therapy

Attachment science has emerged as the most profound, research-based understanding of how we develop as human beings. Our emotions, our ways of thinking and acting and our habitual ways of engaging with others.

EFT uses Attachment science as a map to make sense of problems, simplifying complex narratives of dysfunction and negative relationship cycles. It offers a clear, simple set of interventions that have been shown to create intra-psychic and interpersonal change. Attachment science is the future of psychotherapy, offering not only deep understanding but eminently practical guidelines for intervention across treatment modalities. This is the unifying vision that the psychotherapy field has been missing.

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