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Sheila MackridgeAccredited Counsellor - United Kingdom
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I used the Ping-pong and paper metaphor twice this week (well the first time, actually a tangerine from my lunch as I managed to lose the ball on route to session and had to improvise!). One time was in an end session to reiterate how we can add fuel to the fire and get stuck which the client seemed to really get. The other example was used in an Anxiety Workshop that I put together for students approaching their exams. I incorporated lots of the ACT metaphors/exercises, getting the students to join in (a great tug of war with one student; me being their anxiety monster!) which brought lots of laughs. Also used thought swatting with students writing their negatives thoughts about failure on labels, sticking on pom-poms and throwing at a student volunteer, holding the glass of water. We then discussed the water being revision/an exam and how much harder it was to be focussed on whilst fighting the negative thoughts. Lots of hand-on experiential exercises that I hope will help as well as the introduction/practise of some defusion exercises (leaves on a stream). Most of the students certainly seemed engaged and have agreed to come to a follow-up weekly 'practise' sessions. Thank you to everyone for all the hard work that has gone into this great loving it. :) :) :)

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