Professor Brad Bushman is a professor of communication and technology at The Ohio State University. For over 30 years, he has studied the causes, consequences and cures of human aggression and violence. Professor Bushman's work has challenged widely held assumptions, including that guns make people safer, aggressive people have low self-esteem and venting reduces aggression. He has also researched the recently coined phenomenon of hangry. Professor Bushman was a member of President Obama's committee on gun violence and has testified before the US Congress.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), PsychologyUniversity of Missouri1970
Master of Education (MEd), Secondary EducationUtah State University1970
5 Honors and Awards
American Psychological Association2022
Morton Deutsch Conflict Resolution Award
American Psychological Association2018
G Stanley Hall Lecturer
3 Books
Book cover of "Aggression and Violence"
Book cover of "Social Psychology and Human Nature"
Book cover of "Integrating Results through Meta-Analytic Review Using SAS Software"