Dr Frank Neuner is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Bielefeld University and head of the university's outpatient clinic. He specializes in the cause, analysis and treatment of trauma-related mental disorders following intense adversities like family maltreatment.

Dr Neuner is internationally acclaimed for developing Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET), an intervention for PTSD. The approach was originally developed for refugees and war victims to help restore psychosocial functioning.

Dr Neuner has published over 200 journal articles and pioneered the first randomized treatment trial on the use of NET in war-related PTSD. His latest research uses a developmental lens to explore the cascading effects of war, family abuse and child maltreatment.

Dr Neuner has served as an Honorary Lecturer for 13 years at Mbarara University of Science & Technology in Uganda. He has received many awards including the German Psychological Society's award for promising talent in Clinical Psychology.  Dr Neuner is a member of the Association of Psychological Sciences and Vivo, an international aid organization and alliance.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Clinical PsychologyUniversity of Konstanz2006
2 Honors and Awards
University of Konstanz2004
Award of the Foundation “Science and Society”
German Psychological Association2004
Promising young talent
1 Book
Book cover of "Narrative Exposure Therapy: A Short-Term Treatment for Traumatic Stress Disorders"