Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Clinical PsychologyBrown University1977
Master’s Degree (MA), Clinical PsychologyBrown University1976
9 Books
Book cover of "Cognitive Behavior Interventions for Self-Defeating Thoughts: Helping Clients to Overcome the Tyranny of “I Can’t”"
Book cover of "Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Those Who Say They Can’t: A Workbook for Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Thoughts"
Book cover of "Making Peace with Imperfection: Discover Your Perfectionism Type, End the Cycle of Criticism, and Embrace Self-Acceptance"
Book cover of "The Dutiful Worrier: How to Stop Compulsive Worry Without Feeling Guilty"
Book cover of "Critical Thinking Unleashed"
Book cover of "The New Rational Therapy: Thinking Your Way to Serenity, Success, and Profound Happiness"
Book cover of "What Would Aristotle Do? Self-Control Through the Power of Reason"
Book cover of "Caution Faulty Thinking Can Be Harmful to Your Happiness, Logic for Everyday Living"
Book cover of "The Virtuous Therapist: Ethical Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy"