Dr Timothy Cavell is a psychology professor at the University of Arkansas with expertise in parenting, childhood aggression, school bullying and youth mentoring. He is widely renowned for developing interventions that address school and family relationships, interpersonal violence and marginalized children. Dr Cavell has published over 100 academic papers and four books. His latest title, Good Enough Parenting, explores parental strategies to help children grow into emotionally healthy adults. 

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Clinical Child Psychology; Developmental PsychologyLouisiana State University1988
Master of Science (MS), PsychologyTexas A&M University1982
4 Honors and Awards
University of Arkansas2018
Award for Outstanding Contributions to Service Learning
Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies2017
4 Books
Book cover of "Good Enough Parenting"
Book cover of "You're Not the Worst Parent in the World"
Book cover of "Anger, Aggression, and Interventions for Interpersonal Violence"
Book cover of "Working With Parents of Aggressive Children"